About SPAN Enterprises

SPAN Enterprises is indeed unique.

We’re here today, and see a bright future for tomorrow, because we’ve been willing to sacrifice over the years. We’ve always lived within our means to make sure we have a solid foundation before expanding. Rather than go for quick growth, we’ve steadily moved toward becoming a business of substance. We take our time developing products and services, listening to feedback from clients as well as team members.

It hasn’t always been easy, but what we have now has been worth it all.

Our founders have formed a family around a business idea by focusing on our team and our clients. Whether you work with us or use our services, you know the SPAN experience is different from any other. We mean it when we invite our clients to contact our dedicated customer service team. For us, this isn’t just a phrase. We know that each and every one of our team members is dedicated to treating each and every one of our clients with the respect and care that SPAN works to foster every day.

We build a team so that we can build relationships with clients.

Walk into the offices at SPAN Enterprises on any given day and you’ll probably hear more than see our zealous attitude toward supporting our clients, our products and each other. Our CEO is often left waiting to start a team meeting while one of our team members wraps up a call with a client! Team members regularly consult with one another to make sure they are offering our clients the best answer. Of course, you may also run into a fierce game of charades if you happen to stop by the office late on a Friday afternoon. At SPAN, we work well together because we value and enjoy each other.

We’re putting culture back in company culture.

SPAN Enterprises is proof that a world-class team can be gathered from a diverse group of talents, perspectives and backgrounds. From our founders to our interns, SPAN works to achieve a cohesive, cooperative unit that is no less teeming with independent, creative thought. If you say we seem like we’re not like the rest, we’ll take that as a compliment.

More than a Logo.

Endless possibilities. That’s the belief that became the tagline for SPAN Enterprises when our founders were just starting. To represent that belief, they needed a visual, a logo, that would serve as a beacon for the company. The infinity symbol was the perfect choice, showing the attitude and energy behind our operations here at SPAN. Endless ideas, support and optimism are constantly flowing - among team members, toward our clients and, as a result, toward a better future full of possibilities for everyone we touch with our innovations.

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