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For truckers, IRS-authorized HVUT e-file provider ExpressTruckTax takes the stress and confusion out of filing the IRS HVUT 2290 form by providing a step-by-step e-filing guide and US-based, bilingual customer support. Filers receive their stamped Schedule 1 within minutes, and can take advantage of free VIN corrections, 2290 amendments, and the retransmission of rejected forms to the IRS.

One of the original products created by SPAN Enterprises, ExpressTruckTax was officially launched in 2010 as Express2290. When we realized how much transportation professionals were needlessly struggling to stop and file tax forms from the road, we strove to make the HVUT process as quick and painless as possible. We knew that with our innovation and superior customer service, we could guide filers quickly, thoroughly and as efficiently as possible through the e-filing process. At SPAN Enterprises, we believe that it’s possible to create a world-class product at a local level and create great jobs right here in the USA, and that’s exactly what we’ve done with ExpressTruckTax.


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