A Brief History of SPAN Enterprises: 2009 - 2020

We’ve come a long way! When our founders started SPAN, they knew they wanted to focus on building a business that would be stable for the long haul. Rather than chase after quick growth and fast money, SPAN has put its energy into just two things: our team and our clients. With this attitude, we’ve been able to form a family that works together every day, continuing to build on our motto of endless possibilities.

10 years in, we’re still full of passion. See our history, so far. We’ll meet you in the future.



SPAN Enterprises changes the Form 2290 e-filing game with its exclusive ExpressGuarantee from ExpressTruckTax. In an e-filling industry first, the ExpressGuarantee promises that all ExpressTruckTax clients will have their Form 2290 accepted by the IRS and they will receive their stamped Schedule 1, or their money back.

Amber and Christina

Building on its other payroll and tax products, SPAN Enterprises launches 123Paystubs, an affordable pay stub generator with built-in tax calculations and instant printing solutions for small businesses. With a user-friendly interface and accurate calculations, 123PayStubs reduces the time small business owners devote to pay stub calculations and printing issues.

Demetri and Amber


myPayWow app

With the introduction of the myPayWow app, employees and contractors can easily accomplish tasks that were once a headache! Clocking in and out, signing forms, requesting time off, updating personal information - myPayWow turns smartphones and tablets into one-stop control panels so that every action is streamlined and simple.

SPAN Enterprises

Just in time for their 10 year anniversary, SPAN Enterprises moves back to the area where they found their (tiny) first office! In 2020, when development is complete, the property standing behind SPAN’s original office space will house the team that makes up SPAN Enterprises. From 100 square feet in 2009 to 12,000 square feet in 2019, look how much we’ve grown!

PayWow Kiosk

Innovation on display! SPAN develops the PayWow Kiosk to allow businesses to turn any mobile phone or tablet into a time clock kiosk! Now, shift recordings are more authentic and accurate. Even if an employee forgets their phone, they can clock in with a secure code. SPAN thinks of everything!



Tax professionals need an easy way to handle tax documents. SPAN recognizes this need and launches TaxLogics, allowing even experts in the industry to file more quickly and efficiently than they did before. Tax professionals appreciate SPAN’S considerations of their needs, met with superior support from our trained team.


SPAN launches PayWow to help businesses with payroll and time management. There are larger companies that have tried taking a crack at this issue, but SPAN Enterprises’ special ingenuity brings a streamlined experience that business owners appreciate. Backed by our excellent team, PayWow makes a splash on the payroll scene.



SPAN develops software that makes getting back to business easier by helping small business owners, tax professionals and nonprofit leaders take their time back with TaxBandits - a simplified, interview-style solution for e-filing taxes. TaxBandits eagerly takes back any time that filing taxes with another provider would rob from you!


Get to it quick! For those small business owners who like to keep things simple and want to only access W2’s and 1099’s, SPAN provides just that - a service allowing small businesses to paperlessly e-file these forms - lightning fast! Express E-file helps get taxes done fast, easy, and simple!



Knowing that business owners need help cutting through the confusion of the Affordable Care Act, SPAN establishes a product specifically designed to bring their streamlined, safeguarded process to ACA 1095-B and 1095-C Forms with the introduction of ExpressACAForms. Companies can now use a fast, accurate product to stay compliant.

Inc. 5000

For the second year in a row, SPAN is named to the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. SPAN is the only company from Rock Hill to make the list, rated in the No. 21 spot for South Carolina and heralded as the 15th-fastest company in the Charlotte region.


SPAN doesn’t miss a beat! SPAN anticipates the demands of business owners who need to send an XML file to the IRS as a result of the Affordable Care Act. With the launch of ACA XML, SPAN continues to make its mark at the forefront of tax compliance and file preparation.


SPAN offers ACAWise, a software program designed for large employers and other high-volume filers, as well as anyone else needing to track and manage ACA compliance. ACAWise becomes an invaluable tool for helping users make sure ACA requirements are met. Organizations need not be nervous about compliance with ACAWise around!



SPAN officially launches ExpressIRSForms, an upgraded version of ExpressTaxFilings that not only allows users to e-file 1099s and W-2s, but also the newly-implemented Affordable Care Act Forms 1094 & 1095. In order to provide solutions, SPAN keeps its eyes on the horizon, constantly anticipating developments that will affect their clients.


SPAN’s MyUnitBuzz allows beauty consultant users to communicate conveniently with their unit members through social media, custom messages, and even push notifications. Consultants in the beauty industry now rejoice that they have this new way to reach out to their unit members and run their business even more effectively.


For the first annual SPANtreat, the team heads down to the shores of Murrells Inlet for some fun in the sand. The trip includes friendly team competitions, karaoke, and the first annual SPAN Awards Ceremony to honor everyone’s individual achievements. This is just one of the ways SPAN focuses on team-building.

Rock Hill

SPAN moves to a larger office in order to house a rapidly growing team. The new office sits just across the street from the old office in historic Old Town, Rock Hill, demonstrating that big ideas grow in small towns, and that in small towns there are endless possibilities.



SPAN releases Express990, offering nonprofits the most affordable and fast IRS Form 990 e-filing product on the market, with a simple question & answer format that makes maintaining exempt status easier than ever before. Nonprofits have enough to manage without struggling to complete IRS forms. Never fear! It’s SPAN to the rescue!


Based on years of user feedback, SpanPlan is redesigned and relaunched as Inspherio, an even more easy-to-use business management solution for event professionals. SPAN knows just how difficult it is for entrepreneurs to manage all the moving parts of a business. Inspherio is the small business owner’s tool for success.


TruckLogics is released at the urging of SPAN’s clients in the transportation industry. TruckLogics is the first web-based business management program custom-created for transportation companies of all sizes, giving independent drivers the freedom to manage their business in a single, affordable program from the convenience of their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.


SPAN presents ExpressTaxExempt, a one-stop tax filing service for nonprofits and exempt organizations. SPAN believes in supporting organizations that work to improve the lives of the community and the world, and recognizes that providing a streamlined tax filing service frees up more time for those organizations to do good.



ExpressTaxFilings is released in 2013 with SPAN’s signature fresh format and easy-to-use interface, making W-2 and Form 1099 e-filing accessible for businesses. SPAN hears the call for a quick way to get these forms done, so they work to take the press out of filing, making the experience express.

SPAN’s growth means a move to a space in the heart of downtown Rock Hill, SC, decking out the office with salvaged parts of a Boeing 737. SPAN is proud to call a small town home, drawing in clients nationwide. There’s nothing small about our passion, and it shows.


Truck Services of North America is founded to provide a much-needed service for truckers who are short on time. TSNA eliminates the mountains of paperwork plaguing drivers and small carriers. Trucking industry professionals know they can rely on TSNA, and SPAN treasures a relationship with clients built by offering superior support and attention.

Not a company to do anything halfway, SPAN team members build aerial obstacle courses for the intense races that take place when an obsession with remote-controlled helicopters sweeps the office. Cheaters never prosper, and SPAN takes play seriously enough to establish referees. Games are ongoing, with winners all around.



ExpressIFTA goes live, making quarterly tax-filings for the International Fuel Tax Agreement simpler than ever before with all calculations automatically completed for the user. SPAN is quickly building a name for itself among transportation professionals by listening to their needs and providing answers. ExpressIFTA is just one of those answers.

SPAN Studios

SPAN Studios films promotional videos and, eventually, music videos, House of Cards parodies, and so much more. More than a bit of fun, the establishment of this studio is just one more way that SPAN invests in team creativity and energy, which is always funneled into new solutions for clients.

The SPAN team creates a roadmap for 2013 and beyond, charting the development of five more products and three tablet apps. While steady growth is the company’s drum beat, that doesn’t mean it will slow down the pace of ideas and possibilities! The team sees the dream on the horizon.

As office celebrations expand to include employee birthdays, work anniversaries (SPANniversaries), and general get-togethers, there’s a need for proper space to house our rowdy crew. Hence, Bombay Cafe is born! A slight nod to our co-founder’s former stomping grounds, Bombay Cafe is the go-to spot for celebrations...and competitions.


SPAN develops a business management solution for event professionals, called SpanPlan. From DJs to wedding planners, professionals who turn their business into a party, and vice versa, turn to SpanPlan to keep it all in line. SpanPlan helps event professionals do the work behind the fun and games they provide.

SPAN moves to a larger office to accommodate a growing staff - and their vigorous games of Carrom! This is a much needed move, and symbolizes all the hard work that was put in from the very beginning. SPAN knows how to plant a seed, and loves to watch it grow.

SPAN acquires the software development company W3 Magix. This gain brings programming in-house. SPAN is always on the lookout to grow and improve the company, bringing in innovative team members, or even other organizations, to keep the creative and dynamic spirit flowing. This way, SPAN can offer the best products.

Everyday at 4:00, a bell rings and everyone who is available gathers around an increasingly crowded table to enjoy some snacks, coffee, or tea. Tea Time refreshments are different each day - sometimes fresh fruit, some days cupcakes, and sometimes the team simply takes a moment to recharge and enjoy coffee, tea, & conversation.


With festive moods all around, the SPAN team enjoys their first Christmas dinner together. As always, SPAN gatherings represent a mix of cultures, with individuals joining together to celebrate in a mix of traditions. SPAN’s values for working hard and playing harder stretch, or you could say span, the globe.

ExpressExtension hits the market, bringing affordable, streamlined e-filing tax extensions to individuals, businesses and nonprofits. There’s no need for filers to panic, even when they know they won’t be able to file by the IRS deadline. SPAN steps in to offer a quick, easy solution and buy filers more time.

After months of beta testing, SPAN successfully launches UnitWise for their first product release! Today, UnitWise is used by top sales directors in the beauty consultant industry! Thousands of beauty professionals nationwide finally have a way to manage every aspect of their business at the tips of their fingers.

With Express2290’s release, relief is brought to the intersection of taxes and transportation. Soon, this e-filing product build especially for truckers is renamed ExpressTruckTax, a name that thousands of e-filers across the country now recognize! Truckers need to make moves fast; with ExpressTruckTax they quickly get back on the road!


The very first SPAN office is just 250 square feet, unable to hold more than two people at a time. These are very tight quarters, so needless to say, our founders work very closely to create and offer valuable products and services. They’re willing to start small, then grow.

With 20 years of expertise in software and design, SPAN’s founders have all they needed to pursue their dreams - except funding! Unable to find investors for their fledgling company, they decide to literally put everything they have into it, selling all of their possessions in order to realize their vision.

SPAN recognizes the need for a web-based business management program for professionals in the beauty consultant industry. In response, SPAN starts development on its first software solution, called UnitWise. SPAN plans to make its mark with this product, and set up a building block for other helpful, worthwhile products to come.

SPAN’s founders believe that no matter who you are or where you’re from, you can achieve greatness, so they start the SPAN Enterprises brand with this trademarked tagline: Endless possibilities. They decide on a logo: two infinity symbols within a sphere. With that, SPAN Enterprises is born, and gets to work.

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