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TaxBandits represents the growth and powerful combination of several products that were developed over the years, all offering streamlined completion of various IRS forms. Today, TaxBandits provides easy, efficient and affordable filing through e-filing, print & mail, for tax extensions as well as W2 forms, ACA forms, and the 1099, 94x and 990 Series.

Developed in 2012, TaxBandits began as a product called Express Tax Filings. This product got its start by offering filing for 1099 and W2, then expanded to include the entire 1099 series as well as ACA forms. In 2014, demand for the quick, straightforward filing process that our technology provided led to the development of another product, Express 990, enabling us to offer the 990 Series to eager clients. Express990 was soon reintroduced as ExpressTaxExempt, before the entire offering of all IRS forms under ExpressTaxFilings and ExpressTaxExempt became TaxBandits - one central hub for all your tax forms! TaxBandits promises to keep expanding, adding new tax forms for our clients, and increasing our presence as a central hub for all tax filings.


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